Avant Browser + Firefox = Dr. Orca

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Anderson, the creator of the popular IE based browser, Avant browser which according to Download.com downloaded over 11 millions times, is gearing to release the next browser project named Dr. Orca.

Dr. Orca is an Avant browser version based on Firefox 1.5 beta. The beta 1 version of Dr. Orca released few weeks ago is available for download.

At first look Dr. Orca looks just like Avant browser and Avant browser users will feel right at home, with the same look and feel, same features, menus and toolbars. But under the hood, the rendering engine is purely Firefox.

In the current beta you can not install any of Firefox’s plug-ins but it comes with Google and Yahoo toolbars already installed (although you’ll need to enable Google’s toolbar like in Avant browser, since Yahoo is the default search toolbar).

Dr. Orca is still in early beta and it has some bugs and missing some features available in Avant, but it is sure looks like a promising development and good news to the Avant browser lovers.


5 Responses to “Avant Browser + Firefox = Dr. Orca”

  1. kathy Says:

    hi, i downloaded this and i see in my address bar that all of the urls i visit are from an ad referral, such as this:


    i cannot get out of these advertising redirects/referral urls, regardless of how im browsing my links. is there adware attached to dr orca? other than downloading orca, i should not have any spyware on my system that would cause this. please advise, thank you!

  2. Aviran Mordo Says:

    I am not aware of any spyware attached to dr orca. I have tried it and did not get any of that. Maybe you have some kind of spyware installed

  3. ishadami Says:

    it is the best and fastest browser i ever used but now i am using ubuntu and wonder whether linux version will be relaesed or not

  4. yman Says:

    Now i’m using the new version of Avant Browser and i think it’s really good. One issue is if Avant Browser is closed improperly, all open web pages are saved and will be automatically reopened at next startup. I got from here: rosoftdownload.com/download/Windows/Avant-Browser

  5. lulu Says:

    avant+orca=Avant browser 2012.

    orca browser has been merged into avant 2012.

    next step,chrome will be merger into avant browser .it will become a three core browser.

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