Two Arrested For Using University Computers For Propaganda

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An Algerian and a Moroccan were arrested on suspicion of using the computer system at the University of Geneva to spread propaganda about Islamist militant groups over the Internet, local police said.

A journalist for the German-language newspaper Weltwoche who graduated from the university in Geneva told school officials that the computer system was being used to send hate messages and to make excuses for Islamist terrorist attacks.

The two suspects were known to have used the university’s computers thanks to a code that a student had negligently left lying around.

The two allegedly admitted to visiting some extremist web sites “out of curiosity,” but both denied sending hate messages.

Source: AFP

NY Court Bans Feds From Tracking Cell Phones

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A federal judge in New York has rejected the Department of Justice’s request to track people’s cell phone information without first providing probable cause for such investigations.

Magistrate Judge James Orenstein of the Eastern District of New York issued an order on Monday denying the Justice Department’s application for disclosure of information regarding wireless subscribers.

The Department of Justice had asked that carriers be required to provide information on individual subscribers, including details on caller location, outbound call origination and call termination, to help in its surveillance of potential suspects.

As part of the request, the Justice Department also asked for clearance to seek such customer data in real time, as callers are using their phones.

If approved, the application would have allowed law enforcement officials to essentially use cell phones as tracking devices to observe where people are traveling and with whom they are speaking without first proving in court why it should be allowed to do so.

Source: eWeek

LG Abandons Tube TVs In Europe

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LG Electronics, South Korean maker of products from fridges to cell phones, said on Friday it had almost completely stopped selling tube TVs in the European market as it bets the future on thin televisions.

The firm is currently selling its remaining stock. In the future, it will restrict itself to the top end of the market for cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs, such as a new range of ultra-slim CRT TVs built with thinner glass tubes, LG Electronics’ European chief James Kim told Reuters in an interview.

“We will sell those at a 15 to 20 percent premium. But otherwise we have said, ‘As an early innovator, let’s forget CRT. We don’t sell CRTs anymore’,” Kim said.

Source: Reuters

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