U.S. Investigates Sale of MREs on eBay

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Uncle Sam has tried to feed millions of hurricane victims this year with Meals-Ready-to-Eat, or MREs, only to fear that some of them have become Meals-Ready-for-eBay.

The government is looking into whether eBay sellers in Gulf Coast states are trying to profit from military foodstuffs handed out for free following hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

Representatives for eBay, the online auctioneer company, say it is impossible to prove that any of the meals were meant for hurricane victims. They note that MREs can be bought in camping stores and Army-Navy surplus outlets.

But at least some of the MREs advertised on the Web site are being sold from Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and other Gulf states, and are individually packaged with a disclaimer that clearly notes: “U.S. Government property - Commercial resale is unlawful.”

“If it’s true, that’s pretty reprehensible,” said Cheryl Guidry Tyiska, deputy director of the National Organization of Victim Assistance. “There are a lot of pretty hungry people down there who could use the food for free.”

One seller, identified as from “Louisiana Cajun Country,” described being hit “with the eye of Rita.” Bidding had reached $50.99 for the seller’s unopened case of MREs by Saturday.

The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general has asked investigators to examine the suspicious MREs on eBay, spokeswoman Tamara Faulkner said. In the past, the Pentagon has complained about MRE sales on eBay, Defense Logistics Agency spokeswoman Marcia Klein said. The agency has not decided whether to pursue the current eBay sales, though officials are considering all avenues, she said.

Source: AP

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7 Responses to “U.S. Investigates Sale of MREs on eBay”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The seller of the ebay MRE’s named “cajunclara”, although from Louisina, did not get these from the recent hurricane. She has been stealing them for 5 years now from a nearby military location with the assistance of her son and some soldiers she knows. She pays them 10 or 20 dollars for each one they bring over, then puts them on ebay for $50-$60. It has been an ongoing source of tax-free income for her for 5 years now, compliments of YOUR tax dollars. A few recent sales may have been from the storms on ebay, but that is peanuts compared to how long she has been doing it, and how much profit has been made from our tax dollars. I’m sick of my tax dollars paying her income with the theft of government goods. Someone needs to do something about it. She tries to defend herself by stating “look at my past sales..they go back 5 years”..”none of these were from the storm”… which may be true, but they are not obtained legally and clearly it states on each box, gov. property, not for resale. Ebay needs to put an end to this, and Fema and/or the Natl. Security people need to crack down on these soldiers stealing from the base for a few extra spending bucks, and our tax dollars paying her income.
    This is absolutely true, per my inside direct information..if someone would look into it, it will be revealed as fact.
    Someone should be punished for this type of theft and cajunclara owes the taxpayers a bundle of money. Check her feedback/past sales and do the math. She has a constant neverending supply of mre’s and makes a tax free killing off these ebay sales each week.
    Doesn’t anyone ever wonder “Hmm, where do these all come from for the past 5 years??” Please help crack down on this type of stuff or kindly forward this to someone who can. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes she is stealing them from Fort Polk. From the rotational soldiers training here before deployment overseas in to the war zone. Basically stolen right out of the mess halls on base. Stealing is wrong, but from our soldiers enroute to war is down right low!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I found CajunClara real name and address.

    Clara L Toney
    186 Pelt Lane
    Leesville, Louisiana


    lives right next to Fort Polk.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cajun Clara has changed her ebay name to cajunclaraangels. Too much heat over the stolen government property!

  5. Proud of USA Says:

    Can you prove that the MREs were stolen, how can you steal things that are sold at yard sales and put into the trash, if eBay thought that they were stolen, then why are the letting more and more people sell them, that makes them part of the crime, think before you speak….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    why get something free and try to sell for money????

  7. Anonymous Says:

    im ashamed of this kind of scam

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