Stem Cell Center’s Web Site Overloaded

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The Web site of a stem cell research center in Seoul was overloaded Tuesday when it began formally accepting applications from patients seeking to benefit from cloning technology, an official said.

Nearly 1,200 applications were received as of Tuesday morning, said Lim Jong-pil, an official at the research center at Seoul National University Hospital. More applications were still being submitted.

The stem cell bank opened Oct. 19 with the aim of serving as the main center for providing scientists around the world with embryonic stem cells, seen as a potential source of replacement tissue for people with a variety of ailments.

The bank planned to receive applications from patients with Parkinson’s disease or damaged spinal cords, who are willing to offer their skin tissue for research purposes. Officials have said it doesn’t mean the beginning of clinical tests or treatment, yet applications still surged.

Source: AP


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