Hollywood To Embed Anti-Piracy Audio Signals In HD DVD

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Pirate DVDs made by copying movies in cinemas could become a thing of the past in the HD era, if technology presented to the DVD Forum proves successful.

The system requires film distributors to embed an inaudible watermark in film soundtracks. HD DVD players will contain a sensor that listens out for the watermark in the soundtracks of any disc being played.

Since official HD DVDs will not contain the watermark, its presence on the disc reveals the disc to be a pirate copy.

The watermark comprises digital data encoded in subtle shifts in the audio waveform that makes up the soundtrack, New Scientist reports this week. Human ears can’t detect the fluctuations.

Whether the pirates digitise a movie print directly, or simply point a camcorder at the cinema screen, they will still capture the audio and the watermark with it.

If the technique wins the approval of the DVD Forum, the presence of the watermark detector could be mandated in any player stamped with the official HD DVD brand. Of course, there will be plenty of machines out there whose manufacturers use the HD DVD logo without permission, or don’t use it at all, and in either case may ship machines without the sensor.

Source: The Register


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