Sony To Patch Copy-Protected CD

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Sony BMG Music Entertainment and a technology partner are working with antivirus companies on a fix for a potential security problem in some copy-protected CDs.

Earlier in the week, security experts said that anticopying technology used by Sony BMG could be adapted by virus writers to hide malicious software on the hard drives of computers that have played one of the CDs. The antipiracy tool is included on many of Sony BMG’s latest music releases, from Van Zant to My Morning Jacket.

Sony BMG’s technology partner First 4 Internet, a British company, said Wednesday that it has released a patch to antivirus companies that will eliminate the copy-protection software’s ability to hide. In consequence, it will also prevent virus writers from cloaking their work using the copy-protection tools.

The record label and First 4 Internet will post a similar patch on Sony BMG’s Web site for consumers to download directly, the companies said.

Source: News.com


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