Yahoo Redesigns Its Online Mapping Service

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Yahoo Inc. has redesigned its online maps to make it easier to get driving directions to multiple destinations and find local merchants - the latest move in the company’s duel with Internet powerhouse, Google Inc.

The Sunnyvale-based company unveils its latest mapping improvements, less than a month after Google upgraded its maps service. Yahoo’s service will be available on a test basis at http://maps.yahoo.com/beta .

Yahoo is matching some of Google’s features, such as the ability to scroll across a map without reloading a Web page, as well as introducing tools that haven’t been available previously on the Internet.

The innovations include the ability to obtain driving directions to several different city locations and have all the routes simultaneously displayed on the same Web page.

Like Google, Yahoo also is including user reviews and phone numbers of local merchants located near the site of the mapping request.

Source: AP


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