Samsung shows of fuel cell for notebooks

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Samsung unveiled a prototype of a fuel cell that can run a laptop for 15 hours or more and may come to the market in 2007.

Like fuel cells for MP3 players devised by Toshiba and others, the Samsung fuel cell runs on liquid methane. The methane passes through a specialized membrane, which extracts electrons.

The fuel cell has an energy density of 200 watt hours per liter. Since notebooks consume around 15 watts to 10 watts on average, which means around a 15 hour run time. (200 watt hours divided by average watts.) It can provide a maximum output of 50 watts.

Source: News.com


2 Responses to “Samsung shows of fuel cell for notebooks”

  1. James Says:

    i need one of those for my car :)

  2. Island Security Says:

    not to sure i like the idea of carrying liquid methane around with me and how does this reflex with airport security?

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