Papa John’s Web Site Exposed Customer Data

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Papa John’s has beefed up security for its Web-based e-mail system after the pizza chain learned that internal e-mail and customer data had been exposed.

The leak at the Louisville, Ky.-based pizza chain made internal corporate e-mail and thousands of customer comments available to anyone with a Web browser. The customer comments were submitted between Sept. 29 and Nov. 7 and included names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of customers.

“It looks like there is no password protection on Papa John’s internal Web e-mail system,” said Richard Smith, an Internet privacy expert who reviewed the issue at the request of CNET News.com. “This sort of Web site privacy leak happens more than it should.”

Papa John’s on Monday added password protection to its Web-based e-mail system and the online customer suggestion database, after it was notified of the leak by CNET News.com.

Source: News.com


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