Sprint Opened Wireless Music Download Service

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Phone-based online music store allows anytime, anywhere wireless song downloads–no computer necessary.

You just know that certain technologies, once they become inexpensive and easy to use, will be earth-shattering hits: instant viewing of any movie ever made; nonpolluting cars; cell phones that don’t drop calls.

Don’t look now, but one longstanding member of the Someday Club has just become a reality, more or less: anytime, anywhere wireless downloading of favorite songs for instantaneous listening–no computer necessary.

This remarkable service is brought to you by Sprint. It’s the first cellular carrier to unveil a phone-based online music store; the others have similar plans. Their logic goes like this: “Those crazy kids have bought 30 million iPods and a billion songs from online music stores. They also spend nearly $5 billion a year on downloadable ring tones. What if we could combine those two trends? If teenagers could download full-length songs right onto their cell phones–we’ll be rich, I tell you! Rich!”

Well, maybe. As usual, the devil is in the details.

It ain’t cheap. After buying the expensive phone, the expensive Internet service and the expensive memory card, there’s one more surprise: the expensive songs. You get five freebies for starters. After that, Sprint music store songs cost $2.50 apiece, plus tax.

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Source: News.com


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