Google Offers Free Wi-Fi To Mountain View, CA

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Search engine giant Google Inc. on Thursday sent a letter to the mayor of its home city of Mountain View, Calif., proposing to bring free Wi-Fi service to the city.

“Google is in a unique position to offer free access to the Internet, since we have the ability to subsidize and earn revenue indirectly when these Wi-Fi users get on the Internet and access our and our partner sites,” Minnie Ingersoll, a product manager at Google, said in the letter.

“We would like to work with a city that is close to our headquarters and supportive of this intent.”

Source: eWeek


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    In Tampa, Florida the choice between fiber and wireless was easy. While wireless MIGHT connect everyone inexpensively and in “short” order some information that travels over the Internet is critical to normal operations, if not to life and death. How many times has your cell phone cut out on you or been unavailable due to high traffic volume?

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