Intel brings virtualisation to desktop chips

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Intel is set to launch two new desktop processors that come with hardware support for virtualisation technologies - although users won’t be able to take advantage of the technology for some time.

The new single-core Intel Pentium 4 672 and 662 processors are almost identical to the 670 and 660 Pentium 4 processors in Intel’s product lineup, except the new chips have transistors dedicated to improving the performance of virtualisation software, said Chad Taggard, director of advanced technologies marketing with Intel.

Virtualisation technology allows PC and server users to run multiple operating environments on a single processor, allowing one machine to be carved into several “virtual” computers.

For example, users could access corporate applications in one operating environment, while using a different one for personal applications. IT managers could exercise tight control over corporate applications and prevent viruses or malware from moving from the personal environment to the rest of the company’s network.

Source: Techworld.com


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