Sony Recalls Risky ‘Rootkit’ CDs

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Record label Sony BMG Music Entertainment said Tuesday that it will recall millions of CDs that, if played in a consumer’s PC disc drive, will expose the computer to serious security risks.

Anyone who has purchased one of the CDs, which include southern rockers Van Zant, Neil Diamond’s latest album, and more than 18 others, can exchange the purchase, Sony said. The company added that it would release details of its CD exchange program “shortly.”

Sony reported that over the past eight months it shipped more than 4.7 million CDs with the so-called XCP copy protection. More than 2.1 million of those discs have been sold.

Source: News.com


One Response to “Sony Recalls Risky ‘Rootkit’ CDs”

  1. Unemployed Democrat Says:

    I suppose they will now have to step up their lawsuits against retirees and children who pirate music to help offset the costs of CD Copy Protection.

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