Microsoft Reaffirms Support For HD DVD format

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Microsoft still favours Toshiba in a battle over formats of next generation DVDs, despite growing Hollywood support for Sony’s rival technology, according to the US software giant’s chief executive.

Microsoft aims to make its next-generation “Windows Vista” operating system compatible with Toshiba’s HD DVD format after the software is released within the next 18 months.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said the initial version of the software might not work with HD DVD drives but the company was aiming for compatibility “at the earliest and appropriate time.”

He told reporters on Wednesday that: “We have chosen to support HD DVD for a number of reasons, including the way and the effectiveness with which we can see it integrating with the PC.

“We think it has some real advantages and that’s why we have been working very actively with Toshiba and other members of the DVD forum in order to promote this concept.”

Source: AFP


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