SafePC, A Breakthrough Pornographic Content Filtering

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SafePCCom-Guard, Inc. announced SafePC, a unique content filtering and desktop security software product that protects children and unsuspecting adults from pornographic and adult images or lewd text in Web sites or e-mails.

Unlike other products, SafePC uses Image Composition Analysis (ICA), a state-of-the-art set of real-time filtering algorithms developed by First 4 Internet Ltd., that analyze images and text content as they are streamed from Web sites or flow in e-mails and attachments in conjunction with forbidden list technology that blocks known adult sites. The real-time functionality is critical because a significant number of new porn sites and images are continually introduced on the Internet on a day-to-day or even a minute-to-minute basis.

SafePC provides a robust and effective solution to this major problem. Key features of the SafePC solution allow parents or administrators to:

  • Combine real-time Image Composition Analysis (ICA) with black and white list Web site control to provide the most effective content filtration.
  • Address the ever-growing and alarming issues of uncontrolled pornographic material and unmanaged usage of the PC to access the Internet.
  • Provide a safe computing environment with the tools to predetermine the acceptability of images and text contained on Web sites that are visited and in e-mails that are received.
  • Enable supervisory program control with the ability to create permitted access periods based on the time and day that applications can be used or restricted.
  • Log information on Web sites that are visited and record what blocked images are found.


2 Responses to “SafePC, A Breakthrough Pornographic Content Filtering”

  1. Pedro Says:

    How well do we know the background of this SAFEPC product? You do realize that this is the same company that does the XCP rootkit protection for SONY that has been in the news this last month.

    I’m not sure I would even trial their product knowing that.

  2. Joe Sigismonti Says:

    We understand your concern. However, it is inappropriate and unfair to associate the SafePC product from Com-Guard, Inc. with Sony’s rootkit protection. The facts are that:

    1) The Image Composition Analysis (ICA) technology is a product designed and developed by F4i ICA Limited which is separate legal and operational entity.

    2) The ICA (image composition analysis technology) is entirely different to XCP2 (content protection) and is developed for a totally different set of applications and markets.

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