Google Wants To Buy Photo Searching Technology

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Search giant Google Inc. is said to be interested in buying Redwood City, Calif.-based Riya/Ojos Inc., a maker of photo searching technology.

The rumored deal spotlights how search engines are focusing more on the caliber of their services, rather than just building the most extensive possible catalog of Internet locales.

Riya’s products can supposedly identify faces and read the text captured in photos. That level of recognition is a quantum leap for Internet search engines, now organizing photos and videos mainly based on written descriptions.

Google is particularly motivated to deal because its online photo services are being bested by rival Yahoo Inc., according to blogger Om Malik.

Source: News.com


One Response to “Google Wants To Buy Photo Searching Technology”

  1. pkillur Says:

    That software is freakin’ awesome! I applied to be an alpha tester, I’m not sure if I will get in though. It’s much more powerful than facetagging in Adobe Photoshop Elements, and other related elements. The only thing that I think is kinda lame is that you have to be online for it to work. Maybe not, but from what I understood you did.

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