Kazaa File-Sharing Boss to Face Court

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An Australian federal judge on Thursday ordered the chief executive of the company that owns file-swapping giant Kazaa to face cross-examination from recording industry lawyers about her assets pending a damages hearing in the landmark music piracy case.

In September, a federal court found Kazaa’s owners and distributors, led by Sydney-based Sharman Networks Ltd., guilty of copyright infringement for failing to rein in illegal file sharing on their popular peer-to-peer network.

A hearing to set damages is expected sometime next year.

After months of legal wrangling, federal judge Michael Moore on Thursday ordered Sharman’s chief executive, Nikki Hemming, to face cross-examination by record industry lawyers over her personal assets. It will be her first court appearance since the multimillion dollar trial began last November.

A date for Hemming’s cross-examination was not immediately set, but is expected sometime next year.

Source: AP


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