Sony Completes First Full-Length Blu-ray Disc

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) president Benjamin S. Feingold today announced that authoring has been completed on the first Blu-ray Disc (BD) to contain a full-length, high-definition feature film. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was compressed and authored in MPEG 2 full high-definition (1920 x 1080) by Sony Pictures’ Digital Authoring Center (DAC) and is now being shipped to BD hardware companies for player testing.

Utilizing Blu-ray’s unprecedented storage capacity, the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle disc features dynamic menus with full resolution graphics and animation, superior audio and unparalleled picture quality. “We are confident this achievement will help everyone understand that Blu-ray is real and poised to enter the marketplace,” said Mr. Feingold. “Blu-ray will bring the highest quality HD experience possible to the home.”

“We are extremely proud to deliver on the promise of Blu-ray. This is an important step for our industry in order to begin mass production of high-definition movies in the Blu-ray format in the near future,” said Don Eklund, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


15 Responses to “Sony Completes First Full-Length Blu-ray Disc”

  1. Bill Says:

    Yeah, but does it include a rootkit?

  2. Ricardo Says:

    No Bill… It doesn`t.

  3. Someone Says:

    # Bill Says:
    November 19th, 2005 at 12:28 pm

    Yeah, but does it include a rootkit?

    lol good 1

  4. [king nikka] Says:

    bill im wiht ya on this one…not gonna buy anything from sony for a while now..

    or upgrade to iTunes v.6

    whats with all thesecompanies having security holes nowadays?

  5. pwned Says:

    if ur reading this cuz u came here from /. u got pwned

  6. Tjma2001 Says:

    Well rootkit can’t pwn me yet..since i am a linux user..but i am sure they will find a way to scew me over

  7. pwned Says:


  8. 1bigdork Says:

    What better way to show the power of Blu-Ray DVDs, then Cameron Diaz’z acne.

  9. pwned Says:

    LOL I are teh L337 kekeke my m0m teh pwnz0r3d meh :(

  10. Nameless Video Pro Says:

    Blu-Ray uses MPEG-4 AVC High Profile, not MPEG-2, so I’m guessing they’ll have some compatibility problems… (okay, okay, I know Blu-Ray players are also required to play back MPEG-2, but what’s the point of testing that, when MPEG-4 offers a better quality / size ratio, and will be used by virtually all discs?)

  11. Brian Says:

    I wonder how many people purchased the Amazon DVD as a result of this article. It should probably be stated somewhere that the Amazon listing is not the Blue-ray “DVD,” even though it says “Special Widescreen Edition.” I sure hope that Blue-ray DVDs, when they come out, are similarly priced at $6.97 though!

  12. distributed Says:

    why isnt this site getting slashdotted ??

  13. dave Says:

    Gee, why just do 1920 x 1080 ? why not go all the way say - 3840 x 2048 (or larger) resolution so we dont have to worry about buyign another version years from now, and I hope with all the space that blue ray has that every DVD will have DTS 6.1 or better sound systems.

  14. balz Says:

    yea balls

  15. threerandot Says:

    I am personally NOT going to touch the upcoming hi-def formats. Not only will the studios be using a smaller disc than they actually could, the real problem is the draconian copyright protection measures that will be in place. If a new movie has been pirated and the industry gets wind, your player could very well become a doorstop as a result of the firmware downloaded into your player. You need a LAN connection for these players. There are also many other measures in place that are quite frightening. Think about this. Your money is really going into copyright measures that you as a paying consumer will help the studios to enact a system that will disable your machine or disc that you just paid for!!! It’s MADNESS!! Check out dvdfile.com. Dan Ramer should not be saying he will pay for this technology on one hand, and criticise it on the other. You have been WARNED!!


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