Company Wants To Reverse Engineer iPod DRM

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A company that specializes in rights-management technology for online stores has declared its plans to reverse-engineer the FairPlay encoding system Apple uses on iTunes Music Store purchases.

The move by Cupertino-based Navio Systems would essentially break Apple鈥檚 Digital Rights Management (DRM) system in order to allow other online music retailers to sell downloads that are both DRM-encoded and iPod-compatible by early 2006.

鈥淭ypically, we embrace and want to work with the providers of the DRM,鈥? said Ray Schaaf, Navio鈥檚 chief operating officer. 鈥淲ith respect to FairPlay, right now Apple doesn鈥檛 license that, so we take the view that as RealNetworks allows users to buy FairPlay songs on Rhapsody, we would take the same approach.鈥?

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