Google Fixes Glitch That Unleashed Flood Of Porn

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A technology glitch temporarily turned Google’s new personal listings service, Google Base, into a vast, virtual red-light district earlier this week.

Launched last week, Google Base is the search company’s foray into free classified listings and other user-generated content. Anyone can use the service to classify and post all kinds of information, from business services and used cars for sale to recipes and photos.

Google Base allows adult content but should filter most of it if visitors use the company’s SafeSearch feature, which blocks pornographic material from appearing in search results. That wasn’t the case earlier this week, however, due to a technical glitch that allowed porn to leak into Google Base search results.

“Yesterday evening, we became aware of a problem with the Google Base SafeSearch feature and we acted quickly to resolve the issue,” Google spokesman Nate Tyler said via an e-mail on Wednesday. He said the filter feature was broken for “some period of time,” but declined to further specify.

Source: News.com

AMD readies rival to Intel’s Viiv

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AMD is to launch a new brand to better associate its processors with PC-based home digital media systems, the company has revealed.

The news was broken by AMD’s sales and marketing chief, Henri Richard, speaking at the company’s annual analysts conference, the Financial Times reported last week.

Richard’s branding plan comes on the heels of the launch of Intel’s home entertainment PC platform, Viiv, announced last August and due to arrive on the market in January. Sources familiar with Intel’s retail strategy tell us the chip giant is having difficultly getting retailers to understand Viiv, which they irritatingly refuse to pronounce properly - ‘viv’ rather than ‘vive’, we’re told.

Source: The Register

Battle for iTunes.co.uk is over

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Ben Cohen, former teenage dot-com millionaire, has given up his fight to regain the itunes.co.uk domain, according to .uk registry Nominet.

Nominet company solicitor Edward Phillips said on Monday that Cohen’s company, CyberBritain Group, has formally abandoned all further attempts to get the domain it once owned back from Apple.

Source: News.com

Browser developers team up to thwart hackers

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Security developers representing four of the major browser firms have met up to discuss how to combat security threats. Techies working on Internet Explorer, Mozilla/FireFox and Opera teamed up with the folks from Konqueror to discuss how to combat security risks posed by phishing, aging encryption ciphers and inconsistent SSL Certificate practices. A surprising amount of consensus emerged through the informal meeting, hosted by Konqueror’s George Staikos in Toronto last week.

All agreed to push ahead with plans to introduce stronger encryption protocols. “With the availability of bot nets and massively distributed computing, current encryption standards are showing their age,” Staikos writes. “Prompted by Opera, we are moving towards the removal of SSLv2 from our browsers. IE will disable SSLv2 in version 7 and it has been completely removed in the KDE 4 source tree already.”

Source: The Register

Windows OneCare Beta Is Ready to Roll

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Microsoft Corp.’s Windows OneCare beta is finally ready for public consumption.

The consumer-facing PC security bundle, which is being tested in a private, invite-only manner, is on the verge of being rolled out to a broader public audience.

In an e-mail to beta testers, Microsoft said the Windows OneCare Live Beta will be opened to the public “very soon,” but, officially, the company isn’t offering a specific ship date.

Source: eWeek

Amazon wins 1-Click patent case

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Amazon.com has won what could have been an embarrassing and expensive dispute over whether its 1-Click checkout system was patented by another company. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which hears patent appeals, on Monday upheld a lower court’s grant of summary judgment to Amazon.

Source: News.com

File-sharing crackdown rages worldwide

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Lest there be any doubt, the recording industry is quite serious about cracking down on what it perceives to be illegal file-sharing, in the United States and other countries as well. To prove the point, the industry has just initiated more than 2,100 new legal cases against individuals in Europe, Asia and South America.

According to the International Federation for the Phonographic Industry, file-sharers in Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Hong Kong and Singapore are now at risk of criminal penalties and payment of damages in an international campaign. Thousands of people already have had to pay at least $3,000 for uploading copyrighted music on peer-to-peer networks.

The IFPI maintains that these latest cases bring the total number of such legal actions to more than 3,800 in 16 countries outside the United States. The IFPI states that this is the fourth wave of cases since this international campaign began in March 2004. The campaign is targeting users of all the major unauthorized P2P networks, including FastTrack (Kazaa), Gnutella (BearShare), eDonkey, DirectConnect, BitTorrent, WinMX and SoulSeek.

Source: News.com

Xbox 360 Buyers Resell Product on EBay

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Forget day trading - the best way to make a buck this holiday season may be to flip your Xbox 360.

Some people fortunate enough to get their hands on Microsoft Corp.’s new videogame console when it was released Tuesday immediately resold them on eBay, occasionally fetching thousands of dollars for packages that sometimes also included games and other add-ins.

The online auction site said about 1,800 Xbox 360s were sold there between midnight and noon Pacific time Tuesday. Retailers across the country had opened their doors at midnight so gaming enthusiasts - and, apparently, entrepreneurial eBay users - could get their hands on the console immediately after it came out.

Internet retailer Amazon.com Inc. and the Web sites for Circuit City Stores Inc., Best Buy Co. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. all listed the consoles as being sold out Tuesday. Best Buy spokesman Jay Musolf said the company also sold out of the consoles at most of its brick-and-mortar stores Tuesday.

EBay said the average price for consoles, including those sold with games and other add-ons, was $660. However, the company said some console packages were selling for as much as $2,500, with bidding and sales prices varying widely.

Source: AP

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