Hitachi, MasterCard to set up smart card venture

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Hitachi said on Friday that it would set up a joint venture this month with MasterCard International, Australia’s Keycorp and a U.S. venture capital firm to promote advanced smart cards.

Smart cards have built-in microprocessors and memory for identification or financial transactions. They offer greater functionality and are generally more secure than conventional cards that use magnetic strips.

The venture will promote cards based on a multi-application operating system called Multos, which can add various functions such as biometric user identification to conventional cards.

Hitachi aims for its smart card-related business, such as equipment to read and write data on the cards, to total 80 billion yen in three years to March 2009.

Source: News.com

Java Dethrones C++ as King of SourceForge

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Java has taken the top spot away from C++ to become the top language on SourceForge. Mats Henricson points out in his blog that as of November 24, 2005, Java has 16738 projects on SourceForge, compared to the 16731 of C++.

Not only in open source project that java has become the dominant language but also in enterprise applications, java is the dominant language creating a big headache for Microsoft as a major competitor for their .NET technology.

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A party girl leads China’s online revolution

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On her fourth day of keeping a Web log, she introduced herself to the world with these striking words: “I am a dance girl, and I am a party member.”

“I don’t know if I can be counted as a successful Web cam dance girl,” that early post continued. “But I’m sure that looking around the world, if I am not the one with the highest diploma, I am definitely the dance babe who reads the most and thinks the deepest, and I’m most likely the only party member among them.”

Thus was born, early in July, what many regard as China’s most popular blog.

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Source: News.com

ICANN creates advisory committee for foreign-language

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Internet overseeing organisation ICANN has created a new advisory group to cover the complex and controversial of internationalised domain names (IDNs) - domain names in foreign languages.

The new committee comprises three chairs - all ICANN Board members - and 18 experts from the around the world. Its brief will be to “promote co-ordination of IDN-related work that takes place within and outside ICANN’s supporting organisations, committees, and stakeholders”.

The issue of IDNs is one that has dogged ICANN for years and remains a source of tension for the billions of Internet users that do not speak English or use the Western alphabet. Earlier efforts to add IDNs to the existing infrastructure faltered - leading to accusations that the US-led internet was prioritising Western goals over the Internet as a whole.

In response to criticism, ICANN has consistently pointed to the complexity of the task. For example, all layers of the existing internet infrastructure use Western-style ASCII text to communicate with one another. To pull in different alphabets is therefore a system-wide and system-deep issue. Also, many characters are repeated in different languages, creating the potential for clashes across the internet.

The new committee contains experts in all the main non-English languages, as well as industry experts from Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, VeriSign, Afilias and Tucows. It will be expected to: analyse the problem and suggests solutions; produce a list of technical barriers that ICANN will have to handle; and present policy recommendations.

Source: The Register

Firefox Plans Mass Marketing Drive

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Christopher Beard, the VP of products at Mozilla Corporation, told ZDNet UK on Monday that there is a ’strong likelihood’ that Firefox 1.5, the next major version of the open source browser, will be released on 29 November. Beard said they are planning a ‘big marketing push.’ ‘You will have real people telling you about Firefox’s features– what’s cool and great,’ said Beard. ‘People can create the video and upload it to the Mozilla site. The video will then be reviewed and put on our Web site, with a link from their location

Source: Slashdot

ATI ‘approves’ Radeon X1800 XT overclocking

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ATI has told graphics card makers it will sanction attempts to overclock its Radeon X1800 XT chip - provided they take full responsibility for the “potential fallout”.

So suggests a leaked confidential advisory obtained by Anandtech. If accurate, the memo reveals a major change on ATI’s part - to date, the company has not approved of attempts to overclock its chips by more than a handful of megahertz.

ATI’s permission to overclock is extended only to “selected” board partners for whom it is “willing to relax the rules”, the advisory memo states. Partners who do overclock the X1800 XT must “assume all responsibility for testing, yield and potential fallout; and support at least 25MHz increment on the engine and memory clocks”. ATI will not provide warranty cover for chips or boards damaged by overclocking, the memo stresses.

Source: The Register

Xbox 360 crash fix found

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A GAMER fed up with his new Xbox 360 crashing every 20 minutes has fixed the problem by raising the power supply off the ground with some string.

Dan, from Duluth, or ‘goldeneyemaster’ as he is known, told the game spot forum here that he thinks the main reason that the xBox 360 freezes is because the power supply overheats. The solution is to lift the power supply off the floor and allow the air to circulate better around it.

Another simple method involved getting a box with no cover and putting the power supply on the edges.

Source: theinquirer

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