Windows Is Pacing The Server Market

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The worldwide server market grew at an 8.1 percent year-over-year rate in the third quarter paced by Microsoft Windows and Linux servers who continue to battle each other for customers, IDC said Tuesday. Total revenue for the quarter reached $12.5 billion.

“Windows showed very strong growth in the quarter,? said Steve Josselyn, research director in IDC’s Server Group. “Linux didn’t grow as rapidly as it did in the previous quarter.? Josselyn noted that Linux’ growth was still impressive, though, as the volume server sector where Windows and Linux compete vigorously grew 14.8 percent.

IDC said Linux servers logged double-digit growth of 34.3 percent for revenue and 20.5 percent for units. Windows servers grew 17.7 percent in revenue and 15.3 percent in units. (The Linux numbers are calculated on a smaller base than the Windows figures.)

Microsoft Windows servers recorded revenue of $4.6 billion, representing the largest single segment of the server market.
Unix servers showed a 13.7 percent decline in units shipped and had $3.9 billion in revenue.

Source: Yahoo


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