GMail Adds Virus Protection

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Google has rolled out virus protection for it’s web based email service. Apparently they are scanning incoming and outgoing messages for infected messages. Read more on their “what’s new” page.

Source: Slashdot

Grateful Dead to allow free Web downloads

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What a short, strange trip it was. After the Grateful Dead angered some of its biggest fans by asking a nonprofit Web site to halt the free downloading of its concert recordings, the psychedelic jam band changed its mind Wednesday.

Internet Archive, a site that catalogues content on Web sites, reposted recordings of Grateful Dead concerts for download after the surviving members of the band decided to make them available again.

Band spokesman Dennis McNally said the group was swayed by the backlash from fans, who for decades have freely taped and traded the band’s live performances.

“The Grateful Dead remains as it always has - in favor of tape trading,” McNally said.

He said the band consented to making audience recordings available for download again, although live recordings made directly from concert soundboards, which are the legal property of the Grateful Dead, should only be made available for listening from now on.

Source: AP

Phishers Pose as IRS Agents

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Security glitch enables hackers to usurp government sites and mislead users into revealing personal data.

The Department of Labor says it is working to fix a programming glitch in a government Web portal that makes it easier for phishers to trick people into disclosing sensitive information. The flaw was first exploited by phishers who, earlier this week, began sending out bogus e-mail messages asking for personal information, including social security and credit card numbers.

The bug lets these phishers redirect URLs that use the GovBenefits.gov domain to fraudulent Web sites that are unconnected with the U.S. government.

Source: PCWorld

PriceRitePhoto Apologises

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After the PriceRitePhoto incident unleashed hell fire on the online merchant Thomas Hawk received a call this morning from Ed Lopez, the owner of PriceRitePhoto. Mr. Lopez said that the activity that has resulted from Hawk’s post impacted his business, and he was calling to apologize and that Mr. Philips was going to be terminated at a company board meeting later on this morning.

Subsequently Ed sent the following email:

“On behalf of Priceritephoto I would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience that you have experienced with our company. As a company this is not representative of the way we treat our customers. If there is anything that we can do at this point to rectify the situation, please let me know. We have tens of thousands of happy customers who have purchased form us in the past and it is our commitment to give our customers the best value when dealing with us. We are doing a comprehensive review of our company’s procedures to ensure that something like this never occurs. We have also terminated Mr. Philips from his position with our company.?

In his post Hawk thanks the blogging community for all the help and ask that any retaliation towards this vendor should be channeled through legitimate and legal channels and the attack on Priceritephoto should be stopped.

Sunbelt Rescues Kerio’s Free Firewall

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Good news for fans of free security software: The Kerio Personal Firewall isn’t going away after all.

Sunbelt Software, best known for its CounterSpy anti-spyware product, said on Thursday that it has agreed to acquire the Kerio Personal Firewall from Kerio Technologies, saving the popular consumer desktop firewall product from the chop. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Facing tough competition from security suite vendors, Kerio said in October that it would ax its personal firewall product at the end of this year and instead focus on its products for business users. The free Kerio Personal Firewall has been downloaded more than 2 million times since it became available in March 2002, the company has said.

Source: News.com

EU Expects Rush for ‘.eu’ Domain Name

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The European Union expects a surge of applications next week when its “.eu” regional domain name opens for registration.

“I expect a real rush, several hundred thousand in the first few days,” EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding told reporters Thursday. “European companies should waste no time and register for the new `.eu’ domain name.”

Reding and other supporters believe such a domain will help promote European identity and create greater visibility for pan-European e-commerce. Currently, businesses must use domains for their particular country, such as “.fr” for France, or a global one like “.com,” which is seen by some as mostly a U.S. suffix.

Registration for “.eu” names begins on Dec. 7 at 10 a.m. GMT.

For the first two months, only certain rights holders such as registered trademark owners, public bodies and companies can register. On Feb. 2, “.eu” opens up to family names. General registration begins April 7 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reding said the restricted periods were needed “to reduce considerably the risk of cyber-squatting” — the illicit use of domain names for fraudulent use.

Source: AP

iPod Shuffle bug fix leaves key bug unfixed

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Apple has updated the iPod Shuffle’s firmware to version 1.1.3, saying only that the new code includes “bug fixes” but without detailing the release’s improvements.

Alas the update still does not remedy the recurrent Shuffle glitch that causes some tracks downloaded from the iTunes Music Store to be skipped when the pause button is pressed.

The update is available within the newly released iPod Update 2005-11-17 utility, which can be downloaded through Mac OS X’s Software Update control panel, or from the Apple web site. The firmware included for other iPods remains unchanged since the last iPod Update release on 12 October 2005.

Source: The Register

RIAA Sues Woman Without Computer For Sharing Music

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It certainly wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened, but the lawyers who are fighting the RIAA on behalf of one woman, say they’ve heard about another lawsuit on behalf of a woman who says she didn’t even own a working computer at the time the RIAA claims she was a threat to the industry.

Source: Techdirt

TiVo tunes into online services

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TiVo expanded into online services Thursday, offering customers the ability to order movie tickets, listen to podcasts, and share digital photos via their television sets.

The digital video recorder company’s entry into online services marks the latest step in the convergence between the PC and TV. TiVo subscribers with its Series2 DVR set-top box and a broadband connection will be able to access these features offered through partners Yahoo, Fandango and Live365.

The new features will be offered as part of TiVo’s standard service.

Under the new service, customers will be able to peruse local movie-theater listings and buy tickets via Fandango, as well as tune into hundreds of radio stations worldwide via online radio network Live365.

Yahoo will also dish up local weather and traffic, in addition to providing the means for people to share digital photos via Yahoo Photos.

Source: News.com

Customer Service Sucks! A Letter to the CEOs of America

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Normaly I wouldn’t post this kind of books, but in the wake of the recent news about the abusive camera store I thought this would be appropriate.

ABR Publishing releases Customer Service Sucks! A Letter to the CEOs of America on Amazon.com. Written by Sandra Long, CEO of American Business Radio and Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce (MD), the book is a humorous, to-the-point account of why customer service in America simply must improve. The text focuses on common service dilemmas in business with simple strategies to help businesses transform and restore customer service in their organizations.

Written to the CEOs of America, Long states that “customer service has reached such a dismal level with customers experiencing some of the most unthinkable service nightmares. The first step in improving customer service is by starting the conversation with ‘the head of the ship.’”

Congressman Elijah Cummings, a member of the industry reform and oversight committee said that “in today’s business environment, products and services can be duplicated quickly; the differentiating factor is how you treat your customers.”

Apple to unveil Intel laptop next month - analyst

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Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner has added his voice to those predicting Apple will announce a notebook computer based on an Intel processor in January 2006.

“We are becoming more convinced that Apple will introduce its first Intel-based PowerBook at Macworld San Francisco,” Gardner said in a note to clients, Reuters reports.

It’s hard to know whether Gardner has any specific information on the matter or is simply responding to the numerous claims regarding what Apple CEO Steve Jobs will unveil when he takes to the stage for his annual Macworld keynote.

Source: The Register

MP3.com founder reopens old “locker”

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History, and entrepreneurs, do repeat themselves.

MP3.com founder Michael Robertson has launched a new service that allows people to store their digital tunes online, in a “locker” accessible from any Web-connected computer. This services gets around the problem of people buying songs from Apple Computer’s iTunes and finding them inaccessible at work, or gone altogether when that computer crashes or is lost, according to the MP3Tunes site.

Source: News.com

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