Customer Service Sucks! A Letter to the CEOs of America

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Normaly I wouldn’t post this kind of books, but in the wake of the recent news about the abusive camera store I thought this would be appropriate.

ABR Publishing releases Customer Service Sucks! A Letter to the CEOs of America on Amazon.com. Written by Sandra Long, CEO of American Business Radio and Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce (MD), the book is a humorous, to-the-point account of why customer service in America simply must improve. The text focuses on common service dilemmas in business with simple strategies to help businesses transform and restore customer service in their organizations.

Written to the CEOs of America, Long states that “customer service has reached such a dismal level with customers experiencing some of the most unthinkable service nightmares. The first step in improving customer service is by starting the conversation with ‘the head of the ship.’”

Congressman Elijah Cummings, a member of the industry reform and oversight committee said that “in today’s business environment, products and services can be duplicated quickly; the differentiating factor is how you treat your customers.”


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