EU Expects Rush for ‘.eu’ Domain Name

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The European Union expects a surge of applications next week when its “.eu” regional domain name opens for registration.

“I expect a real rush, several hundred thousand in the first few days,” EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding told reporters Thursday. “European companies should waste no time and register for the new `.eu’ domain name.”

Reding and other supporters believe such a domain will help promote European identity and create greater visibility for pan-European e-commerce. Currently, businesses must use domains for their particular country, such as “.fr” for France, or a global one like “.com,” which is seen by some as mostly a U.S. suffix.

Registration for “.eu” names begins on Dec. 7 at 10 a.m. GMT.

For the first two months, only certain rights holders such as registered trademark owners, public bodies and companies can register. On Feb. 2, “.eu” opens up to family names. General registration begins April 7 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reding said the restricted periods were needed “to reduce considerably the risk of cyber-squatting” — the illicit use of domain names for fraudulent use.

Source: AP


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