PriceRitePhoto Apologises

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After the PriceRitePhoto incident unleashed hell fire on the online merchant Thomas Hawk received a call this morning from Ed Lopez, the owner of PriceRitePhoto. Mr. Lopez said that the activity that has resulted from Hawk’s post impacted his business, and he was calling to apologize and that Mr. Philips was going to be terminated at a company board meeting later on this morning.

Subsequently Ed sent the following email:

鈥淥n behalf of Priceritephoto I would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience that you have experienced with our company. As a company this is not representative of the way we treat our customers. If there is anything that we can do at this point to rectify the situation, please let me know. We have tens of thousands of happy customers who have purchased form us in the past and it is our commitment to give our customers the best value when dealing with us. We are doing a comprehensive review of our company鈥檚 procedures to ensure that something like this never occurs. We have also terminated Mr. Philips from his position with our company.鈥?

In his post Hawk thanks the blogging community for all the help and ask that any retaliation towards this vendor should be channeled through legitimate and legal channels and the attack on Priceritephoto should be stopped.


2 Responses to “PriceRitePhoto Apologises”

  1. roomba Says:

    So did this guy think that the owner learned any thing from this? Like the customer is why you are here? To bad you can not do this to a bunch of the other crooked web sites.

  2. Dan Says:

    I dont believe anyone was terminated.

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