TiVo tunes into online services

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TiVo expanded into online services Thursday, offering customers the ability to order movie tickets, listen to podcasts, and share digital photos via their television sets.

The digital video recorder company’s entry into online services marks the latest step in the convergence between the PC and TV. TiVo subscribers with its Series2 DVR set-top box and a broadband connection will be able to access these features offered through partners Yahoo, Fandango and Live365.

The new features will be offered as part of TiVo’s standard service.

Under the new service, customers will be able to peruse local movie-theater listings and buy tickets via Fandango, as well as tune into hundreds of radio stations worldwide via online radio network Live365.

Yahoo will also dish up local weather and traffic, in addition to providing the means for people to share digital photos via Yahoo Photos.

Source: News.com


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