Islamist Site Design Contest: Winner Fires Missiles At U.S. Army Base

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Islamist Website Design Contest: Winner Fires Missiles at U.S. Army Base in Iraq

Announcements posted on the Islamist Internet forums are usually connected to ongoing terrorist activities, such as claims of responsibility for attacks, recorded speeches by leaders, etc.

The information bureau of Jaish Al-Taifa Al-Mansura(”The Army of the Victorious Group”), a Sunni terrorist organization operating in Iraq, announced a contest for designing the organization’s website, and stated that the prize would be, in addition to reward from Allah, an opportunity to fire missiles via computer at a U.S. army base in Iraq.

The announcement was posted on a number of Islamic websites, primarily on the Al-Hesbah forum www.alhesbah.org [hosted in Airzona] , and can also be viewed as a Flash document at


Source: memri.org


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