Sony’s Rootkit DRM Raises Legal Red Flags

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News Analysis: Possibly violating copyright laws, the GPL and even the U.S. Constitution, Sony BMG’s digital rights management blunder may lead the company into serious legal trouble.

Sony BMG Music Entertainment’s XCP digital rights management technology may have gotten the company into trouble in several ways.

First, XCP technology manipulates the Windows kernel to make its code almost undetectable on Windows systems.

This, in turn, makes it difficult to remove and makes it an ideal launch vehicle for malicious rootkit programs.

Next, as was expected, a rootkit Trojan—Backdoor.IRC.Snyd.A aka Backdoor.Ryknos—appeared.

Soon thereafter it was discovered that XCP may also violate the LGPL open-source license.

Not long after that, the lawsuits bagan. The first suit came from the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation), but it was soon followed by a suit from the state of Texas.

“On a very basic level of product liability law, if Sony is distributing a product that causes damage to consumers, then it may well be held liable,”.

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Source: eWeek


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