ICANN gives tentative OK on ‘.asia’ domain

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The quasi-governmental organization that oversees the Internet has given tentative approval for a “.asia” Web domain to unify the Asia-Pacific community, but the group has delayed a decision on whether to move forward with a “.xxx” zone for pornography sites.

The new “.asia.” domain would supplement suffixes available for individual countries, such as “.cn” for China and “.jp” for Japan. ICANN earlier approved “.eu” for the European Union; registrations for that begin Wednesday.

Registrations for English-language names in “.asia” could begin as early as six months after ICANN grants final approval. But first, ICANN and the DotAsia group will have to spend weeks or months ironing out contract details. The DotAsia Organization Ltd., which consists of groups that currently run domain names for China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries, also plans to explore permitting domain names in Asian languages under “.asia.”

Source: boston.com


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