Google nabs Borland tools chief scientist

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Google’s quest for high-end programming talent continues unabated. The latest catch is Danny Thorpe, the chief scientist in Borland Software’s developer tools group and leading light in Delphi developer community.

Newsgroups and blogs focused on Delphi - a popular, if niche, developer tool - were abuzz about Thorpe’s departure this week. Thorpe’s own Borland-hosted blog makes no mention of going to Google.

However, John Kaster, a Borland Delphi evangelist, confirmed the move while minimizing its significance. “The product remains, the roadmap is open, the team is still working,” Kaster wrote.

While at Google, Thorpe will be working on the Firefox browser open-source project, according to another Borland Delphi guru Marco Cantu.

Source: News.com


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