Symantec Warns of ‘06 Security Threat

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In an interview this week with VARBusiness, Symantec’s senior director of security response Vincent Weafer said that while widespread worm and virus outbreaks aren’t totally a thing of the past, they are being overshadowed by these new threats.

“We’re seeing a significant decrease in global events and moving toward low-volume, low-profile attacks that are based on profit,” he said.

He noted that Symantec has identified a 700 percent increase in bot-nets over the past year, along with a 143 percent rise in the amount of malicious code traveling across the Internet, and a doubling of phishing attacks during the same period. These are the instances — only recently getting more publicity — of infiltrators trying to dupe people into giving away personal information, such as social-security numbers and passwords to banking or credit-card sites.

Source: VARBusiness


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