For sale: Brand new Microsoft Excel vulnerability

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Over on eBay, a seller using the name “fearwall” has put up for auction “one (1) brand new vulnerability in the Microsoft Excel application.” The bidding started Wednesday evening at $0.01 and was up to $56 on Thursday afternoon with 21 bids placed.

According to the description, the vulnerability was discovered on Dec. 6 and all the details were submitted to Microsoft. The software maker indicated that it may fix the flaw in one of its upcoming patch releases, according to the eBay seller’s information.

“Since I was unable to find any use for this by-product of Microsoft developers, it is now available for you at the low starting price of $0.01 (a fair value estimation for any Microsoft product),” the seller wrote.

The vulnerability lies in the way Excel validates data when handling documents. Exploiting the flaw will compromise a user’s PC, according to the eBay post.

Source: News.com


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