Self Destructing Text Messages

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Staellium UK has come up with a “self-destruct” text messaging service, that allows for sending a message with the knowledge that the message will delete itself as soon as the recipient has read it.

This “Mission: Impossible” style innovation, dubbed “Stealth Text”, promises to delete text within 40 seconds of being read.

“Stealth Text” requires both sender and receiver to sign-up with the mobile phone service run by Staellium UK. To sign-up simply text STEALTH to 80880 to receive a link, which allows down-loading of the StealthText applet via a WAP connection.

The service works by sending the recipient a text notification, showing the sender s name and providing a link to the message. The recipient must open the link and read the message within 40 seconds, before it disappears. The message is destroyed after viewing, rendering the link useless thereafter.

Although Staellium UK hopes to target business users with its new service, chances are celebrities might find it more useful to conceal their philandering ways.

Source: Techtree.com


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