Adware in Exchange for Videos and Music in P2P

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PandaLabs has detected a series of files being circulated across the Internet that supposedly contain music and videos, but also contain an unwanted gift: in order to get the videos and music, users must install adware. The excuse used is that a license is needed in order to play the files, which involves agreeing to install adware. The files received by PandaLabs up until now do not actually contain any type of video or music. However, this possibility has not been ruled out. These files are detected by Panda Software as WmaDownloader.B.

The problem starts when the user downloads an alleged video file (*.wmv) or de audio file (*.wma). When the user tries to run these files to view them on the computer, a window is displayed that prompts the user to acquire a license. The message explains that in order to get the free license, the user must install IST Toolbar, a known adware program that is used as an entry-point for many other threats.

Apache Announces Release of Apache Geronimo 1.0

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The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Geronimo 1.0 and welcomes the incubation of key sub-projects, including ActiveMQ, OpenEJB, ServiceMix, WADI and XBean, that will now be supported by the Apache Software Foundation’s development, licensing, planning and release process.

Apache Geronimo 1.0 introduces complete J2EE 1.4 certification, support for Java Business Integration (JBI), Jetty or Tomcat Web container deployment options, a complete Web-enabled management console based on Java Portlets, full integration with the Eclipse Web Tools Project, and integration of Apache Derby and the Apache Directory Server.

“Apache Geronimo is the open source application server of choice,” says Jeff Genender, member of the Apache Geronimo Project Management Committee (PMC). “The release of version 1.0 and the official acceptance of the related projects into the incubation program demonstrate to our community, our partners and our users, the major progress we’ve made in delivering a framework for developers to build their own customized application server.”

The Apache Geronimo Application 1.0 server platform and its sub-projects may be downloaded free of charge, in source and binary form, under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license agreement.

Amazon.com opening up Alexa

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ohn Battelle has the scoop on Amazon.com opening up the technological guts of its Alexa Internet division.

Battelle — author of The Search — said the idea could change the rules of the search game. And if the idea works, he said it could position Amazon as a major player in search.

“…Alexa and Amazon are turning the index inside out, and offering it as a web service that anyone can mashup to their hearts content. Entrepreneurs can use Alexa’s crawl, Alexa’s processors, Alexa’s server farm….the whole nine yards.”

“Developers, researchers, web site owners, and merchants can get information about Web sites, such as traffic data, contact info and related links, as well as an xml-based search engine and browse service, and incorporate them directly into their own Web sites or services.”

Source: seattlepi.com

Microsoft Released December Critical Patches

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Microsoft released December updates. In this month update Microsoft fixed critical flaws in Internet Explorer (MS05-054). This update resolves several newly-discovered, publicly and privately reported vulnerabilities. If a user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker who successfully exploited the most severe of these vulnerabilities could take complete control of an affected system. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights. Microsoft recommends that customers apply the update immediately.

The second Security Bulletin (MS05-055) is a fix to vulnerability in Windows kernel that is rated as important. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

You can download these updates from Windows Update or directly from the above links

Slow start for Xbox 360 in Japan

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Microsoft’s next generation Xbox 360 has got off to a slow start in Japan.

According to a study by leading Japanese game magazine Famitsu, less than half of the estimated 159,000 360 consoles in stores sold in the first weekend of sales.

The poor performance of the console has been blamed on postponement of the Dead or Alive 4 game.

Japan’s games market is traditionally dominated by Sony and Nintendo, which are releasing new consoles next year.

Source: BBC

MTV, Microsoft team up for digital music service

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MTV Networks and Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday said they would join forces to design and develop a new digital music service.

The service, to be called Urge, is due to launch in 2006, the companies said in a joint release, and will be integrated into a new version of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.

Plans call for the service to offer more than 2 million songs for download from major labels and independents, as well as original content and MTV Networks programs.

Source: Reuters

Xbox 360 file system de-coded

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The Xbox 360’s DVD file system has been exposed, a coding group calling itself Pi, has claimed.

The group said it has posted source code for a utility that allows discs’ files to be extracted and displayed as raw data. The group admits there’s not much that can be done with it beyond explore the file-system structure, if anyone is prepared to jump through all the hoops necessary to bring code and disc contents together.

The utility does not bypass copy-protection mechanisms, the group claims. More to the point, even creating and transferring an image of a disc you own is against the law - if only as a violation of the end-user licence agreement.

However, it is likely to provide the foundation for work seeking to attack the content protection put in place by Microsoft.

Source: The Register

Yahoo! Launched Howard Stern Site - Last Show Live

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Fans of radio phenomena Howard Stern all know about Howard’s move to Sirius radio. The last show on terrestrial radio will be broadcast on Friday from New York, and Yahoo is planning a live video coverage of the event.

After the announcement Yahoo finally launched Howard’s Nation, a site dedicated to Howard Stern. The site will broadcast live video from New York and contains a countdown to the live feed which will take place on Friday, December 16.

In this site you can also join the Howard Nation and get email updates on Howard happenings, connect with Fan On The Scene for an inside look at Howard’s last days on old-fashioned radio and find out what the community is saying about Howard Nation in a dedicated forum.

TDK ships Blu-ray disks

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TDK today announces that is has commenced shipping mass-production samples of its bare-type (cartridge-less) BD-R (write-once type) and BD-RE (rewritable type) Blu-ray Discs. The four new products include:

  • BD-R25 (write once, single-side, single-layer, 25GB)
  • BD-R50 (write once, single-side, dual-layer, 50GB)
  • BD-RE25 (rewritable, single-side, single-layer, 25GB)
  • BD-RE50 (rewritable, single-side, dual-layer, 50GB)

To ensure the new discs will be resistant to scratches and dirt even without external cartridges, they will be coated with TDK’s new DURABIS 2 hard coating. DURABIS 2 technology has been specifically formulated for Blu-ray Discs.

Toshiba to delay HD DVD player launch

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Japan’s Toshiba Corp. said on Tuesday it will delay the year-end Japan launch of its next-generation HD DVD players to address copy protection issues, potentially undermining its advantage as the first supplier to put such machines on the market.

The Japanese company had said in September the domestic launch might be postponed until after December. A spokesman for Toshiba said it would continue to push for a U.S. launch in the first quarter of 2006, most likely some time between February and March.

Toshiba said in a statement it would not launch the products until the last details on copy protection management systems, called AACS, or advanced access content system, were finalized.

Source: Reuters

Microsoft, MCI plan PC-to-phone service

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Microsoft Corp. and MCI Inc. said Monday they’ll soon offer a service that lets customers place calls from their personal computers to regular phones.

But the service will permit only outbound calls at first, even as rivals Yahoo Inc. and America Online Inc. allow instant messaging users to receive calls from conventional phones as well as to call out.

Microsoft and MCI said they will begin a test run of the service in the United States this week. Broader availability is set for the first half of next year.

The service will use technology from Teleo Inc., a small startup Microsoft acquired in August. Teleo’s Internet telephony software lets people make voice calls by clicking on phone numbers appearing on a Web pages.

Rates will start at 2.3 cents a minute during the test period. Pricing for the final version will be set when the service launches next year.

Customers will sign up for the computer-to-phone calling service through its new Windows Live Messenger software, which will eventually replace MSN Messenger, and buy prepaid calling time from MCI in $5, $10 and $25 blocks. MCI will handle account management, customer service and billing.

Source: AP

Could a U.S. Shift to IPv6 Cost $75B?

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Moving to IPv6 will present a number of challenges for the U.S. federal government, not the least of which is the associated price tag, which could hit $75 billion.

A new 63-page report issued late last week by the IPv6 Summit and Juniper Networks offers U.S. federal agencies a bevy of suggestions on how best to go about transitioning to IPv6.

The government is supposed to be on a relatively rapid path toward IPv6 migration since the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandated (PDF file) this past August that the federal government move to IPv6 by June 2008.

Source: internetnews

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