Adware in Exchange for Videos and Music in P2P

Filed under: — By Aviran Mordo @ 5:54 pm

PandaLabs has detected a series of files being circulated across the Internet that supposedly contain music and videos, but also contain an unwanted gift: in order to get the videos and music, users must install adware. The excuse used is that a license is needed in order to play the files, which involves agreeing to install adware. The files received by PandaLabs up until now do not actually contain any type of video or music. However, this possibility has not been ruled out. These files are detected by Panda Software as WmaDownloader.B.

The problem starts when the user downloads an alleged video file (*.wmv) or de audio file (*.wma). When the user tries to run these files to view them on the computer, a window is displayed that prompts the user to acquire a license. The message explains that in order to get the free license, the user must install IST Toolbar, a known adware program that is used as an entry-point for many other threats.


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