Amazon.com opening up Alexa

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ohn Battelle has the scoop on Amazon.com opening up the technological guts of its Alexa Internet division.

Battelle — author of The Search — said the idea could change the rules of the search game. And if the idea works, he said it could position Amazon as a major player in search.

“…Alexa and Amazon are turning the index inside out, and offering it as a web service that anyone can mashup to their hearts content. Entrepreneurs can use Alexa’s crawl, Alexa’s processors, Alexa’s server farm….the whole nine yards.”

“Developers, researchers, web site owners, and merchants can get information about Web sites, such as traffic data, contact info and related links, as well as an xml-based search engine and browse service, and incorporate them directly into their own Web sites or services.”

Source: seattlepi.com


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