15 years of the World Wide Web

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In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web, a multimedia branch of the Internet.

With Berners-Lee’s “http protocol,” computer jockeys the world over began making the Net easier to use with point-and-click programs.

Browsers such as Mosaic and, later, Netscape Navigator would help popularize the Web, and let a billion Web pages bloom.

Anyone could access the network, and anyone could decide what went online.

The Web became a powerful, liberating force that brought people closer together, and shaped new businesses.

Source: CNN

Microsoft’s IIS Losing Market Share In 2005

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Microsoft who in recent years pushing its servers aggressively to try to nab some market share from the most popular http server Apache, did not succeed in 2005.

According to Netcraft’s web survey, Apache server gained in the year 2005 a very nice 2.08% of the web server market to total of 70.51% (52025380 servers) of all web servers, up from 68.43% in January 2005. On the other hand Microsoft lost 0.6% to 20.26% (14950703 servers) in December, down from 20.86% in the beginning of the year.

Apache gained most of its share from Netscape-Enterprise which had a market share of 3.11% in January, but by the end of the year dropped to an almost un-noticeable number of 0.56% of all servers. On the other hand Sun-ONE web server gained an impressive 1.96% of market share, from 0.02% in January to 1.98% now.

Intel’s Next-Gen Mobile Platform Promises Efficiency

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Intel Corp.’s next-generation Centrino notebook platform offers significant improvements in power efficiency and performance, an Intel executive said Tuesday (Dec. 13).

Speaking to a group of journalists here, Keith Kressin, director of marketing for Intel’s mobile platforms group, said the platform, codenamed Napa, offers a 28 percent reduction in average power usage when compared with the company’s current top-of-the-line Sonoma platform. Kressin said Napa offers an average power improvement of more than 1 watt when compared with Sonoma (3 watts compared with 4.2 watts).

According to Kressin, this power usage improvement will result in significantly longer battery life. He said he is confident that Sonoma already offers the industry’s best battery life and that the improvement provided by Napa would further distance Intel from the competition.

Source: InformationWeek

911 Now Available on Vonage VoIP Service

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Vonage America, a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp., announced today that all of its customers now have access to 911 services. Today, any Vonage customer in the U.S. who dials 911, will get help when they need it most.

Vonage currently offers E911 or enhanced 911 throughout the U.S., by sending the call, along with the customer’s address and phone number, to the proper local emergency call center based on the caller’s street address. The caller’s information is then displayed on the dispatcher’s screen whenever they dial the digits 9-1-1 from a Vonage phone. In the event local authorities cannot display the Vonage customer’s phone number or address, Vonage offers basic 911. Basic 911 is a service in which the customer’s emergency call is delivered through the traditional 911 network and the call is answered by a trained dispatcher in the local public safety answering point (PSAP), or 911 call center. Finally, Vonage provides an additional safety net to customers if traditional 911 methods fail or are not available: customers receive support from emergency trained personnel at Vonage’s national 911 emergency response center, which is supported by APCO 33 trained personnel and serves customers throughout the U.S.

“Star Wars” pre-release pirate pleads guilty

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A California man has plead guilty to distributing a stolen copy of “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” two days before it appeared in theaters.

The Justice Department said Tuesday that Marc Hoaglin, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of uploading a copyrighted work being prepared for commercial distribution. The plea agreement says the Star Wars movie was stolen from a post-production company hired by Lucasfilm.

Source: News.com

GUS hands over $485m for PriceGrabber.com

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GUS plc - the UK-based retail and business services group that owns Argos and Experian - is forking out $485m for shopping comparison site PriceGrabber.com.

The US outfit enables punters to check out the prices of thousands of different products on offer from retailers enabling them to compare items before making a purchase.

GUS reckons the site is a perfect fit for its business by giving its retail and catalogue clients yet another channel to market.

Last month PriceGrabber.com attracted some 17m visitors to the site while over the last 12 months it has generated sales of $60m and earnings before interest and tax of $25m.

Experian chief exec Don Robert said PriceGrabber.com has a “leading position in a fast-growing market”.

Source: The Register

Topix.net Invite Readers To Post Ccontent

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Topix.net, the Palo Alto Web site that features news stories from around the world, is expanding into the citizen journalism business, offering readers a chance to publish their own stories.

The move is a part of a broader overhaul that includes the addition of public forums and the ability to comment on stories.

“The nature of news is changing as interactivity comes into play,” said Chris Tolles, Topix’s vice president of marketing. “The number of people blogging and wanting to participate seems to be an opportunity.”

The company is jointly owned by newspaper companies Gannett, Tribune and Knight Ridder, the parent company of the Mercury News.

Source: siliconvalley.com

Dutch church bids for sex.eu

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A Dutch Full Gospel Church was seconds too late to bid on sex.eu, the most sought after domain name using the European Union’s own top level domain.

The church Volle Evangelie Gemeente Rehoboth in Eersel, close to the Belgian border, was one of the first applicants for the domain name, according to the database of EURid, the European body responsible for registering .eu domain names. The church offered several hundred euros to obtain the domain name for a website where sex would be promoted “the way God wanted it”, according to Chris Vermeulen of the church.

Source: The Register

Quanta Computer To Build $100 Laptop

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Taiwan-based original design manufacturer Quanta Computer Inc. has been chosen as the ODM for the $100 laptop project sponsored by non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child.

Quanta has agreed to devote significant engineering resources from the Quanta Research Institute (QRI) the first half of 2006, with a target of bringing the product to market the fourth quarter.

The launch of 5 to 15 million units will be both in large-scale pilot projects in seven culturally diverse countries (China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria, and Thailand), with one million units in each of these countries, and an additional modest allocation of machines to seed developer communities in a number of other selected countries. A commercial version of the machine will be explored in parallel.

Source: InformationWeek

Sun plugs in open-source Java database

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Sun Microsystems said on Tuesday it is now distributing an open-source Java database within its Java server software products. In addition, Sun said it has created a plug-in which will allow the database to work closely with Sun’s NetBeans open-source development tool.

Earlier this year, Sun began committing engineers to the Apache Derby project, which IBM started with the donation of an embedded Java database. The Sun-supported version of that database is called open Java DB. Sun uses it in the latest version of its Java Enterprise System suite. With NetBeans version 5.0, Sun will include a plug-in that makes it easier to build and deploy Java applications with the open Java DB, Sun said.

Source: News.com

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