Microsoft’s IIS Losing Market Share In 2005

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Microsoft who in recent years pushing its servers aggressively to try to nab some market share from the most popular http server Apache, did not succeed in 2005.

According to Netcraft’s web survey, Apache server gained in the year 2005 a very nice 2.08% of the web server market to total of 70.51% (52025380 servers) of all web servers, up from 68.43% in January 2005. On the other hand Microsoft lost 0.6% to 20.26% (14950703 servers) in December, down from 20.86% in the beginning of the year.

Apache gained most of its share from Netscape-Enterprise which had a market share of 3.11% in January, but by the end of the year dropped to an almost un-noticeable number of 0.56% of all servers. On the other hand Sun-ONE web server gained an impressive 1.96% of market share, from 0.02% in January to 1.98% now.


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