Kazaa owners may face time in jail

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The masterminds behind the Kazaa file-sharing software could face time behind bars after the record industry initiated contempt of court proceedings, claiming an earlier ruling wasn’t adhered to.

Record companies allege that Sharman Networks, the owner of Kazaa, didn’t comply with a Federal Court order–described by the court as order No. 4–to modify the software to ensure 3,000 keywords would be filtered by Dec. 5.

However, Sharman disagreed since it managed to block Australian users from downloading Kazaa by identifying their Internet Protocol address.

“Contempt proceedings are fairly rare in this court and I’ve never yet sent anyone to jail,” Justice Murray Wilcox said Thursday in the Federal Court in Sydney. “I’ve threatened to a few times, but there’s always a first I suppose.”

The motion includes Sharman Networks Chief Executive Nikki Hemming, Altnet Chief Executive Kevin Bermeister, and associated companies Sharman Networks, LEF Interactive, Altnet and Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

Wilcox will hear the record industry’s motion for contempt of court on Jan. 30.

Source: News.com


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