Zen MicroPhoto Gives Nano A Run For Its Money

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Just like the Ipod Nano, it has a 1.5-inch 262,000 colours display that will show off your pictures nicely and amongst other things it can play music. Creative Labs Zen Microphoto 8G has twice as much storage compared to the largest Ipod Nano 4GB player. It’s wider and thicker than the Nano but it’s also shorter. Zen still looks sexy especially when you see it live. The device has touch pad controls and it’s very intuitive.

If you care about functionality and not only about looks, this player is definitely something that you should consider. It’s small and light. Still thicker and heavier than the Ipod Nano but it simply offers more features. It has a radio tuner, you can exchange the battery and replace it with the recharged one, and you can listen and record radio, use it as four GB memory storage and enjoy the nice sound of the music. The battery is really the great stronghold of this device and you will simply forget when you last recharged. You really need to work hard to discharge it. It has some flaws that we would like to see fixed, such as one to two second pause when you manually go from song to song, ability to watch the photos and listen to the music and some kind of cross fade mixer would be the things that we would like fixed. It’s a great device that I can easily recommend to anyone that needs a player and wants to spend around €300, $300 or around ₤200 for a MP3 multi functional 8GB player. It looks great, maybe not as sexy as the Ipod Nano but it simply offers more. It’s small and it’s great and will offer you all you need.

You can read the full review @ theinquirer


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