Mozilla Launches Firefox Marketing Blitz

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Joy to the world, the browser has come.

Such is the holiday sentiment that nonprofit Mozilla Group is asking its customers to share in the name of promoting its latest open source Web browser, Firefox 1.5. The Mountain View, Calif.-based organization launched its first official marketing campaign ever on Wednesday, an initiative that will ask existing Firefox users to make short films about their experiences using the software to convince other people to try it.

Distributed freely and built with the help of open source devotees around the globe, Firefox has relied on word-of-mouth publicity to earn its spot on the browser landscape since launching on November 2004. With over 100 million downloads of the application to this point, the software has claimed roughly 10 percent of the overall market for browser technologies, according to Janco Research, Park City, Utah.

However, convinced that a more serious marketing effort will help Firefox claim a larger share of the browser sector from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which currently holds approximately 85 percent of market, Mozilla officials are going the route of their deep-pocketed competitors and actively trying to gain more widespread recognition.

Source: eWeek


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