Napster Sued…Again

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Napster, the infamous song downloading service that was once shut down by the courts, allegedly continues to break copyright law as a fee-based online store, according to a publishing group that has filed a federal lawsuit in Nashville.

MCS Music America, a Nashville-based company that administers copyrights for about 45,000 songs, claims Napster has put hundreds of songs controlled by MCS and its publisher clients on Napster.com without obtaining the proper licenses for paying royalties.

Napster sent MCS a form seeking a licensing agreement, but neither party signed it, the suit states. After getting the inquiry, a MCS employee subscribed to Napster and found the songs were being used without permission.

The suit is seeking $150,000 in damages per violation on two counts involving both the downloaded song and the streaming version. The number of songs involved hasn’t been tallied, but they number in the hundreds, Grauberger said.

Source: Nashville City Paper


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