D-Day Arrives for SCO

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After more than two and a half years, SCO must finally turn over to the U.S. District Court in Utah any proof it has that there’s Unix code in Linux.

Early attempts by SCO to show Unix code in Linux were quickly refuted as examples of code that had long been available under the BSD license.

In November, SCO turned in 217 areas in which, the Lindon, Utah-based company declared that IBM, or its subsidiary Sequent, violated its Unix licensing contracts. SCO, however, did not publicly reveal any specific details.

On Dec. 22, which is the “Final Deadline for Parties to Identify with Specificity All Allegedly Misused Material,” SCO CEO Darl McBride said in a teleconference that the company would be “taking those 217 areas and expanding upon them. We will make them deeper and broader; polishing the October submissions.”

The actual papers, though, had not been filed by mid-afternoon Dec. 22. McBride said SCO’s lawyers would be “putting them in later today to the court and IBM.”

Source: eWeek


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