Jews for Jesus Sues Google over Blog

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Christian evangelical group Jews for Jesus is suing Google Inc., saying a Weblog hosted through the Internet search leader’s Blogspot service infringes its trademark.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York Wednesday, seeks to force Google to give Jews for Jesus control of the site as well as unspecified monetary damages.

“We have a right to our own name and Google has allowed the use of our name on Blogspot without our permission,” said Susan Perlman, associate executive director with Jews for Jesus.

“Our reputation is at stake,” Perlman told Reuters.

Google’s Blogspot and Blogger services allow people to set up Weblogs, or online journals known as “blogs” for short, for free. A Google spokesman declined to comment, saying the firm had not yet reviewed the lawsuit.

The disputed blog, http://jewsforjesus.blogspot.com, was started in January 2005 by someone taking the name “Whistle Blower” and airing critical views of the San Francisco-based organization, which seeks to convert Jews to Christianity.

Source: eWeek


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