English-Speaking Web Users a Minority on the Internet

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According to a study published by Byte Level Research, less than 30% of the world’s Internet users are native-English speakers. By 2010, that number will drop to less than 25% as such emerging markets as China, Russia, and Brazil drive millions of non-English-speaking people to the Internet.

鈥淭his data makes clear that the next Internet revolution will not be in English,鈥? said John Yunker, president of Byte Level Research. “While English isn’t becoming any less important on the Internet, other languages, such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese, are becoming comparatively more important. Web globalization will become increasingly vital to succeeding in this emerging global marketplace.”


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  1. Pascal H Mourey Gillon Says:

    You are right! Even TV5 Monde (French Speaking TV ) is…number 2 in the world (before MTV!) since December 2005!!!! This is a fact and…Spanish is more spoken than English in the E.U! (European Union!)

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