Vista Won’t Play With Old DVD Drives

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From a developer’s blog, Windows Vista will no longer support DVD-ROM drives that do not handle region coding in hardware (RPC1 drives) - thus preventing playback of DVDs that are region/CSS encoded with those drives. Not a big problem, as RPC1 drives haven’t been officially manufactured since 2000 (and Microsoft claims their drives are all broken), but for those with hacked drives (RPC2 with RPC1 firmware), or move the RPC1 drive to new computers, well, no more DVD movies for you!

Source: Slashdot

Samsung and LG.Philips start new LCD production

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Samsung Electronics , the world’s largest maker of flat screens, said on Sunday it was set to start up its newest mass production line for liquid crystal display TV panels, three months ahead of schedule.

The announcement came as second-ranked LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd. said it started mass production at its own “seventh-generation” line for large-sized television panels.

Analysts are concerned the LCD industry could face overcapacity in 2006, as heavyweights like Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and LG.Philips, both based in South Korea, ramp up output.

Samsung’s new seventh-generation production line, Line 7-2, will initially produce 45,000 substrates, from each of which eight 40-inch panels can be produced, per month.

The company plans to boost production in the year’s second half to full capacity of 90,000 substrates per month.

Source: reuters

Sony To Announce E-Book Reader

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Sony's ebook readerAt the Consumer Electronics Show on Jan. 4 in Las Vegas, BusinessWeek has learned, the Japanese giant plans to unveil a portable e-reader device for the U.S. The new gadget will let users store and view digital books and will sell for $300 to $500, about the same price range as a full-size iPod.

Sony (SNE), which would provide few details about the e-reader, also has agreements with at least three major publishers to sell digital book downloads on its Sony Connect online store — much the way Apple (AAPL) sells music and video at its iTunes Music Store.Back in 2000, a bunch of e-book readers hit the market, only to tank because the technology didn’t adequately duplicate the book-reading experience.

Now, with everyone from Google (GOOG) to Microsoft (MSFT) to HarperCollins (NWS) digitizing books, plus the arrival of slick new display technology, Sony figures the time is right for a handheld e-reader in the U.S.

Source: businessweek

2nd generation WMF 0day Expliot Spammed

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According to F-Secure’s blog today, the 2nd generation WMF exploit has been spammed and “When the HappyNewYear.jpg hits the hard drive and is accessed (file opened, folder viewed, file indexed by Google Desktop), it executes and downloads a Bifrose backdoor (detected by us as Backdoor.Win32.Bifrose.kt) from www[dot]ritztours.com.”.

Due to the WMF flaw, SANS - Internet Storm Center, raised the alert level to yellow.

Source: SANS

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