Ads Reach Google’s Front Page

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Advertisements now appear on the home page of a Google Inc. Internet search engine, thus ending the company’s nearly decade-long tradition of an ad-free front page.

Google’s Web site in Belarusian, has three sponsored links taking up an inch-wide column of the right-hand side of the Web browser.

This is a sign of the new era for Google, one in which a portion of its once-pristine front page will be sold to advertisers a pixel at a time, as Internet search competitors Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp.’s MSN now do.

There are more advertising-related changes to come, Google indicates, including small-size ads with images that are also expected to appear soon. Banner and other kinds of larger-scale ads may soon also appear on the Web sites hosting Google’s video and picture search.

The new look of Google’s front pages may be attributed, in part, to compromises Google is rumored to have made recently in order to keep America Online Inc. from defecting to rival Microsoft Corp.

Google PR responded to this article, saying that:

This site (http://google.by) is not owned, operated or controlled by Google.
We are aware of this site and our legal counsel is investigating the matter.

Source: eWeek


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