D-Link and Skype Enable Internet Calls Using Reg Phones

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D-Link and Skype today introduced the D-Link Skype USB phone adapter that allows consumers to use their existing corded or cordless telephone to take advantage of Skype’s free calling features.

The D-Link Skype USB phone adapter (DPH-50U) lets users accept both regular telephone and Skype calls from the same phone for added flexibility. When consumers are talking on a traditional telephone line and receive an incoming Skype call, they can easily switch lines to take the Skype call or vice versa, just like a typical call-waiting feature.

Conference calls can also be connected between ordinary telephone lines and Skype. For added convenience, the D-Link Skype USB phone adapter includes a lighted display to indicate whether an incoming call is from a traditional telephone or from a Skype user.

The D-Link Skype USB phone adapter is PC compatible, and includes two RJ-11 ports and a USB port to conveniently connect an ordinary phone line, telephone and computer. Since the adapter receives power from the computer through the USB cable, it does not require an additional power supply. The included software installs in minutes and allows users to easily and completely manage their Skype contact list and calling features. The D-Link Skype USB phone adapter can be configured to forward incoming Skype calls to another destination such as a cell phone so that users never miss a call while away from their PC.

The D-Link Skype USB phone adapter (DPH-50) will be available globally at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $69.99.


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