H&R Block Mailing Reveals Customers’ SSNs

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Some H&R Block customers who received free copies of the company’s TaxCut software also had their Social Security numbers exposed, according to a company spokesperson.

H&R Block sent a letter to customers in late December saying that a tracking number used on packages containing TaxCut contained the customer’s Social Security number as part of a unique, 47-digit tracking number.

H&R Block blamed user error for the slip and said the number would be impossible to spot, and that no customer data has been lost or stolen as a result of the mistake, according to Denise Sposato, a spokesperson for H&R Block.

H&R Block learned of the slip-up in late December, after a customer informed the company that a unique ID that appeared on the package, above the mailing label, contained his or her Social Security number.

The number is used by H&R Block’s marketing department, Sposato said.

After learning of the mishap, H&R Block moved quickly to identify the source of the error and customers who were affected by it, Sposato said.

Source: eWeek


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